1 Add a Listing
  • Sign up and add your first listing using our simple and intuitive autocomplete map.
  • Add other basic details to help us match you to the perfect buyer.
  • Link to your website or MLS listing to present full details to potential matches.
  • Be sure to add high-resolution photos as this will be what the other side see when we match you to others.
  • Add as many listings to your account as you want.
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2 Add a Want
  • Next add a "Want", which describes what you (or your client) wants to purchase next.
  • Using this information, we will match you to other suitable listings where the other side also wants what you're selling.
  • You can add multiple "Want" profiles for each listing. i.e. if you or your client would buy a home up to 750,000 with a view, or 1,000,000 with a waterfront, then build 2 "Want" profiles for each of these wants.
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3 Receive matches
  • The House Harmony Matching Engine will now run...
  • Just sit back and watch your inbox flood with “Perfectly Matched" deals.
  • When you receive a match you will be able to "heart" it to show you like it. If the other party does the same, connect and make a deal!
  • You can connect with any match, regardless of whether it's been hearted or not.
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4 Connect with other party
  • If you like a listing you've been matched with then go ahead and reach out to the other party to begin conversations on making the deal.
  • Arrange to view the property as normal to ensure you like what you see.
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5 Make deal
  • When both parties have agreed to move ahead, make the deal as usual.
  • Rinse and repeat.
  • If you need more help, do not hesitate to contact us.