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Want to work with the owners of House Harmony directly?

Check out our exclusive Founders program...

The House Harmony Founding Member program is a hand-selected group of professional and elite agents from various markets across Canada and the US. We work with our Founders directly to assist them in dominating their market using the House Harmony trading platform, as well as providing assistance and education across the realm of real estate business.

House Harmony

Why are you doing this?

Our CEO, Joel Sherlock, devised the Founder program as a way of building a network of professional agents who were truly leaders in their field.

What we get from the Founder program is access to a group of agents who “get” the purpose of House Harmony, and are prepared to work with us directly to refine and perfect the Matching Engine.

In exchange the owners of House Harmony work with our Founders directly to assist them in setting up their listings and their initial roll out, and are continuously committed to helping them to ensure ensure a seamless launch, including nailing the intricacies unique to each area and real estate board.

House Harmony

Sounds good - what’s in it for me?

Founders will be rewarded with perks for the remainder of their time with House Harmony...

As long as the founding member’s account remains active, all Founder privileges, including heavily discounted “preferred” pricing will be maintained (see below).

As a Founder, you will also be first inline for any educational events and private functions we put on at House Harmony, and will be given preferred VIP treatment at every turn.

This is simply scratching the service of the benefits. Bottom line - it pays to be a Founder. It’s our goal to smoother our Founders in benefits at every opportunity.

House Harmony

What do I have to commit to?

As a Founding member you will be required to take a brief quarterly feedback call with our team during the first year of membership.

The Founder’s feedback will be essential to the refinement of the inner workings of our “Engine” and agent interface design, helping to ensure we incorporate the detail needed to serve the varied markets globally.

House Harmony

Ok, so what does it cost me?

Founders will be required to pay an annual due of US$599.00* to become and remain a Founding member.

This Founder price will remain with the agent for the life of their account. There is no limit to this offer, whether you stay with us for 5 years or 25 years; your assistance and time will be imperative to our success and you’ll be rewarded as such. Our Founding members earn the right to wear their Founder’s badges with pride.

* This is instead of the House Harmony standard agent monthly rate of US$99/month.
Interested in applying?
The House Harmony “Founder's Membership” program is strictly invite only, and invitees will be asked to apply via a short & simple survey.

You'll be asked questions like: years in business, average listing and annual deal volumes. The only prerequisite for acceptance is that you should be a leader in your market, whether that be a leader in sales volumes, a thought leader or both. We don’t discriminate on age, experience or location – and as such have a very diverse group of partners in each market and age range.

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