House Harmony

House Harmony is about to revolutionize the way we sell our homes.

Our system has been designed from the ground up to make finding your next home, and selling your existing home completely painless. Everything is about to change.

House Harmony

With House Harmony you simply tell us what you're selling...

...and what you'd like to buy next...

...and our unique matching engine will go to work, producing hot matches with other homeowners who want what you're selling AND are selling what you want!

House Harmony

You Buy Mine; I'll Buy Yours?

Think about when we buy and sell other assets we own. It's normally far simpler than when we sell our homes – but why?

Let's take car sales as an example. When you buy a new family car, you normally trade your old car in part exchange, right?

And that helps make the process simpler. You don't have to sell your existing car before you find the new one – you just trade them...

House Harmony

...But when it comes to buying and selling our homes - things are rarely this simple...

You have to find your next home before you sell your existing home; otherwise you'd be homeless. But when you do find your perfect new home, you then have to sell up quickly before you lose the new home. Nightmare!!

House Harmony

Well, at House Harmony, we've solved this problem!

You simply create a profile with us outlining both what you're selling and what you're looking to move to. Then our unique matching engine goes to work to produce perfect matches you could never find manually.

We find your perfect new home, while also finding the perfect buyer for your existing home.
House Harmony

Once we find a match... have the opportunity to contact the other party and arrange, via your attorney, to purchase each others' homes, normally on the same day, therefore simulating a trade.

It's the perfect way to buy your next home!

House Harmony
is currently in a private invite-only beta period for homeowners.

If you would like to be contacted about being involved in our Early Access Homeowner program where you can get many VIP benefits and substantial discounts, please use the form below and one of the owners of House Harmony will get in touch.

Thank you for your interest in House Harmony.