House Harmony

Our system was created to meet a real need in our market

It was developed from the ground up to be the perfect add-on to your current marketing plan, designed to produce amazing deals – matching real sellers with real buyers in the perfect harmonious trade, helping you do your best for your clients.

House Harmony

Are they selling to move? Probably!

When a homeowner decides to sell their home, unless they're selling to buy Apple stock, it's usually to buy something different - a larger home for a growing family, downsizing to something smaller or even a complete relocation.

The classic problem is you need to find them their perfect move, before they can sell. You have to find another seller (who is selling what your client wants), and you have to find a buyer for what your client has – all at the same time!

Have you ever sat down and realized what a difficult task that is? We're sure you have. We certainly did. And this is why we created House Harmony...

House Harmony

Build a Listing + Want profile for your clients

Our system allows you to build a profile for your clients outlining both what they're selling and what they're looking to move to. Then our unique matching engine goes to work to produce perfect matches you could never find manually.

We give you the tools to introduce your clients to their perfect new home, while also offering up the perfect buyer of their existing home, all in one deal.

House Harmony

Have clients who won't list until you find them something?

House Harmony also solves the problem of when a client would consider listing with you but only if you could find them a suitable new home. But if that home is not already active on the market, how do you move forward?

If you list now, their home could sell before you found something suitable for them.

Well this isn't a problem anymore! Simply list their home with House Harmony, and we will do the work for you, finding a buyer for their home who also owns what.

And House Harmony works equally well in both hot and slow markets...
House Harmony

Moving forward in slow markets can be tough...

In slower markets, you need to ensure you are doing everything possible to get maximum exposure for your clients. It can be tough, can't it?

House Harmony can help you with producing a constant flow of high quality matches for your clients.

House Harmony

...but hot markets can have their challenges too.

In a fast moving or hot market often the challenge isn't selling homes, it's the art of finding the next home...

In hot markets, like Vancouver BC or New York, your clients may want to move but are hesitant to list their home as you both know it will be a quick sale.

They may not be able to find something suitable in that time which leads to a real problem.

Again House Harmony helps solves this problem. You can list your client's property in our private database, and the only time somebody will see their property for sale is when we match it to another homeowner who is selling what your client wants!

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